Leopold FC750R PD Review


After a long time of research I ordered my first Leopold mechanical keyboard last week and it arrived this afternoon! The keyboard model is the FC750R PD with Cherry MX Brown switches. The box isn’t flashy or anything. It is simple and elegant.

The included accessories are USB to PS/2 adapter, a keycap puller (sadly, not a wire one, shouldn’t really use this one on the keyboard), replacement keys for CTRL and caps lock keys for switching them and the detachable USB cable for the keyboard. Even a dust cover is included for keeping the keyboard all clean!

Build Quality:

This is a very solid keyboard and unlike anything I’ve tried before. The keys feel much more “stable” than Das Keyboard. The keyboard has a somewhat industrial feel to it and it seems very durable.

The keyboard is quite heavy, even though it is a tenkeyless version. It doesn’t flinch when I try to push it as much as a Das Keyboard would thanks to the heavy duty rubber under the keyboard. The keyboard doesn’t flex at all when I try to bend it.

The finish of the case feels much better than Das Keyboard for me, because of the rougher texture. It doesn’t have the media keys but it’s not so hard to map some keys to act as media keys using some software like AutoHotkey.

This keyboard has the Cherry MX Brown switches. For some reason the switches feel much better when typing when compared to Das Keyboard with MX Brown switches. And the stabilizers are very solid. The spacebar has a heavy “thock” sound to it and the stabilizers don’t feel mushy at all.

The keyboard has a detachable USB cable and three cable routing channels, so you can route the cable to come out from three different directions.

The keyboard even has full N-Key Rollover support.

For me, this was the deciding factor for buying this keyboard. Leopold has stock PBT keycaps on the FC750R. They are 1.5mm thick and more durable than ABS plastics. The thickness of the keycaps make the typing experience feel more solid and the type of the plastic makes it harder for the keyboard to get “shiny”.

The keycaps are doubleshot which means that they are made from two different colors and layers of PBT. One layer for the legend (white) and the other one for the outer casing (black). Which means the legends will never fade off and that the surface of the keycap won’t be uneven due to legends.

Sound-Absorbing Pad:
The FC750R has a sound absorbing pad in the case which makes the keyboard a bit quieter. This will even mostly dampen the metallic ping sound that some mechanical keyboards have.

I feel that I’ve chosen the correct keyboard for myself. The stock keycaps and the build quality are amazing. Elegant design and no unnecessary bells and whistles. And better ergonomics because of the smaller size of the keyboard (tenkeyless).

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